Well, that was a quick break, wasn’t it? One week for those keeping track at home.


Spring semester officially started today. I’m taking two new classes: Introduction to Pastoral Ministry and Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures. I also have my Community Studies class continuing and finishing up a bit for my Digital Spiritual Literacy class. Not nearly as much reading as last semester, but a much shorter time frame before intensives in March.


So, since I’d like to keep this as a regular feature, you can see above this semester’s Seminary Shelfie. That does not include a novel I need to read for Community Studies (I’m going to check that out of the library) and a bunch of PDF files. Still, manageable, if you count needing to read the Hebrew Scriptures in five weeks manageable (I do, it’s totally doable for me).


Have a blessed week everyone!


PS: I will be putting up an actual list with links (affiliate links, please click through and help a seminarian out) of the books I read for classes soon. Right now, though, I need to get to reading.