I often have friends and family asking how they can help support me and my family while I’m in seminary. If you are asking yourself the same thing, first of all, THANK YOU!


Secondly, here are some practical ways to help us out:

1. Pray for us. That one is easy to do and so so appreciated.

2. Every term I list the books I need on my seminary reading wish list. This also holds the books that are required reading for seeing the MFC. I always appreciate getting books!

3. Wanna buy me a cup of coffee (or more, that’s cool, too): 

4. When I’m in Chicago (usually July/August, January, March/April), check in on my guys. 🙂

5. When I’m home, the bringing us food or offering to take us out for a meal would be great!

6. Again, pray for us!


Thank you again!