I took a delightful two weeks off from all school work. I probably shouldn’t have, as I’m now struggling to get back into gear, but I needed it. I was at a good point, though, I only have one more book to read for Theology class but I wanted to type up my notes first so I can put the connections together.


The week before Thanksgiving I took off because I really just needed to focus on getting ready for vacation, and I was at a point where all the words were running together. After vacation (just a weekend away, but so needed), both my guys got sick (my “not so little guy” and his dad) so there was dealing with that. Also, while we were technically on break, I spent most of my day at my community site, helping out there with an upcoming event. So, by the time Wednesday afternoon came around, I’d hit my wall.


I spent Wednesday evening doing absolutely nothing important. I watched TV and knit. Thursday morning I got up, stuck a whole chicken in the crockpot, and then sat on my sofa listening to music and knitting the rest of the day. It was amazing. Friday was spent doing much needed things around the house: cleaning up the living room, setting up the Christmas tree, quick grocery shopping trip, etc. Saturday was a delightful day spent at my local yarn shop during Small Business Saturday. I had planned it for study, but followed the urge to relax more.


Yesterday I got back to it. And it’s hard to get back in that mode as the semester is nearing an end (well, the at home part of the semester is coming to an end…in a bit over a month I leave for class). But, I’m more refreshed and that’s the important part.


So, here’s today’s advice: Get to a point in your studying where you can take a week or more off and not feel guilty. This is a thing you’ll want to learn to do by the time you’re a minister, I’m sure. 🙂