Stumbling Through Seminary



"The world is new to us each morning - that is the Lord's gift, and we should believe we are reborn each day." - Baal Shem Tov


My first class of January term was Liberal Theology. It was a brain heavy intensive class where we started with the roots of Unitarian and liberal theologies and moved into Liberation theology and the Religious Naturalists. I’ll spare you the… Continue Reading →

The important bit they don’t tell you

I should be reading right now, but really, that’s a constant statement in my life, so no big deal. But I needed to get this off my chest.   I’ve learned something very important over the last few weeks. Something… Continue Reading →

On Building a Spiritual Practice

I first attended my school as a prospective student. Not really completely prospective, they’d already asked and I’d already said yes, so I guess you’d say more like a betrothed student. Anyway, I was sitting in a seminar, all happy… Continue Reading →

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