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Seminary Life

Out on the other side

So, I’ve been quiet here for a bit. I’ve not been missing, I’ve just been in the throes of Clinical Pastoral Education, also known as CPE. For those not on a seminary path, CPE is the time when one participates in… Continue Reading →

The start of a new term

Well, that was a quick break, wasn’t it? One week for those keeping track at home.   Spring semester officially started today. I’m taking two new classes: Introduction to Pastoral Ministry and Introduction to Hebrew Scriptures. I also have my… Continue Reading →


Reentry: 1. an act of reentering 2. the return from outer space into the earth’s atmosphere of an earth-orbiting satellite, spacecraft, rocket or the like. (from     Reentry is hard. It hurts. It burns. Things feel weird.  … Continue Reading →

"To honor and accept one's own shadow is a profound spiritual discipline." — Robert A. Johnson

Wisdom on the wall of the dorm.

Coming out of vacation mode

I took a delightful two weeks off from all school work. I probably shouldn’t have, as I’m now struggling to get back into gear, but I needed it. I was at a good point, though, I only have one more… Continue Reading →

The important bit they don’t tell you

I should be reading right now, but really, that’s a constant statement in my life, so no big deal. But I needed to get this off my chest.   I’ve learned something very important over the last few weeks. Something… Continue Reading →

Chalice and Flowers for Morning Worship at Fall Convocation 8/26/14

Seminary Shelfie

We started a new trend this semester. It’s called the Seminary Shelfie. Here’s mine.   Yeah. Good thing I love to read and I love to learn. These are all the books I need to read for this semester. Oh,… Continue Reading →

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